what is orangeptc.info?

orangeptc.info is an international online advertising platform that aims to meet advertisers goals in terms of leads and traffic.

Our service allow advertisers to benefit from one of the cheapest rates to promote their products and websites.

A cost effective way that will boost your traffic, brand awareness and increase the number of sales.

Our members can earn money by viewing ads of our advertisers, signing up to their offers, visit their website or even by promoting orangeptc.

What is not allowed?

  • Multiple Accounts - Only 1 account per household
  • Use of VPN/Proxies or any other network sharing
  • Use of Ad-Blocker
  • Use of any software, plugin, script, autoclicker that automates tasks for you.
  • Providing fake information
  • Anything that go against our terms and conditions.

When my ad will be approved?

We approve ads as soon as possible. The approval process usually take 24 hours maximum.

We approve ads as soon as possible. The approval process usually take 24 hours maximum.

A referral is person that has been referred by another customer to our website. It can be a friend telling you to join a website for instance. Most commonly the referral process is done online via referral links.

Where can I advertise my referral link?

You can promote our website via many online channels. Social media for instance like on Facebook or Twitter. You can also advertise via emails, or on others forums. But you need to make sure that you are not spamming and comply with regulations. You could also promote your referral link on others advertising platforms, PTC sites, rotators, manual traffic exchange sites and so on.

How much do I earn per referral?

By recruiting new referrals, you will increase your earnings. As a standard member, you will get a commissions on your referral earnings which is starting from 50% 

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